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Thanksgiving Road Trip

This year we are heading to my sister's farm in Middleburg, VA – about 5 hours from Rye, NY (on Thanksgiving morning make that 6 hours).  That means a road-tip. Dust off the van (new tires!),  load it with food for the trip and food and wine for the visit, and add my almost 90-year-old mother, and our 30-something son and daughter.

Now for the road trip food. Since we are leaving at 6:30 am, driving through Manhattan to pick up one passenger, and then hitting the GW bridge, we will need breakfast, snacks and beverages.  This is a snacking group – so lots of snacks.


Whole Wheat and Everything bagels fresh from the bakery (picked up on the way). Spread with our own version of veggie cream cheese (Tofutti Cream cheese with chopped fresh herbs, tiny dices of scallions, celery, carrot, cucumber) or with whipped sweet potatoes.

Mini-Crustless Tofu Quiches courtesy of Fat Free Vegan.

Arnold's Whole-Wheat Sandwich Rounds (low-calorie, high-fiber) with almond butter and lo-sugar, fruit only strawberry spread.

Vegan Muffins


Hummus with pretzel crisps and toasted pita wedges.

Nuts! almonds, pecans, walnuts

Trail Mix

Fresh Popcorn – sprinkled with a crunchy salt substitute and/or Old Bay Seasoning


Thermoses of hot coffee and green tea, and a cooler with Water – plain & flavored – and Iced tea

Plant-Based Dishes for an Out-of-Town Family Thanksgiving

This year we are all headed to Virginia for a big traditional family Thanksgiving – with a turkey, lots of cream sauces, gravies, and buttered everything.  So the goal is to volunteer dishes that we can eat – that everyone else will enjoy – without creating a completely two-track meal that might undermine the feeling of togetherness.

Here's the plan:

We love the crudites platter, Brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, stuffing (not cooked in the bird), green beans, rutabagas, and apple pie that are on the menu.  But we can't eat the turkey, creamed onions, gravy, buttered, creamy mashed potatoes, and candied sweet potatoes. So, to round out the menu, we have offered to bring:


Muhammara – Red Pepper & Walnut Dip – use just two tbs. of oil

Sun Dried Tomato Hummus – Dehydrated tomatoes with chick peas

        with pita wedges & rice crackers


Vegan bechamel sauce for the creamed onions (two identical-looking bowls)

Plant-based Mushroom gravy (two gravy boats) – use half the suggested vegan margarine

Roasted Herbed Root Vegetables (three kinds of winter squash, fingerling potatoes, parsnips, carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, turnips) with Curried Cauliflower(roasted separately and sprinkled on top)

Mashed Potatoes made with a ricer, chives and soy milk

And a Tofurky – even thought they are a bit grim and funny looking ….

And, for the day after, the ingredients for a big vat of lentil soup and cream of broccoli soup, plus baked tofu slices, fruit, and more veggie sandwich spreads.

Should be a wonderful day!!