Vegan on Japan Airlines

So many airlines have seriously disappointed with the quality of their long-haul meal offerings for “strict” vegetarians but I had high hopes for JAL. After all, dairy isn’t even a real player in Japanese cuisine – so we are just dealing with meat/fish/egg-free. Considering the possible options – veg sushi, soy anything, especially edamame, rice, seaweed, amazing vegetables plus the whole range of Buddhist vegetarianism,this was going to be a slam dunk. Wrong! On two long legs (12 hours originating in Honolulu and 8 hours Tokyo to Singapore ), the food was sub-standard JFK catering quality. When I looked at the food my seat mate (husband) was served, I was even more disappointed. (Even though he, too, eats a whole-foods, plant-based diet, he long ago gave up airline “special meals” and just picks and chooses from whatever they are serving – sometimes he is very hungry.)

The Hawaii to Japan leg, offered the better of the two. JAL served a main VGML and a breakfast snack. A beautiful hunk of papaya on a small bed of lettuces with two cucumber slices and two tomato slices was accompanied by a barely edible “entree” – white rice, overcooked broccoli, and frozen mixed carrots, peas and corn – no sauces. “Breakfast” was a fresh salad – three asparagus spears, two tomato slices, two cucumber slices and a few pieces of fresh fruit.


Entree VGML HNL to HND

Breakfast Snack HNL to HND

On the Tokyo-Singapore leg JAL served a snack that was ridiculous (a tiny roll with two very thin cucumber slices and two very thin tomato pieces- no sauce or condiment) and a main meal just before landing at 6am that was a slightly better dinner. White rice sprinkled with almonds flanked by decent cauliflower overcooked broccoli and button mushrooms accompanied by a salad of a few lettuce leaves and two baby corn ears. Considering that these were sourced in Tokyo, the quality was even sadder. The primary meal for the rest of the plane was a delicious “bento box” with a layer of sticky rice topped by a layer of toasted nori with a smoky roasted salmon filet. It would have been so easy to “veganize” this…..

Snack HND to SIN

Main Meal HND to SIN

Tokyo Airport was a bit more interesting with some good veg options.

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  2. Victoria says:

    I know this is an old post but thank you it’s been really helpful!
    It would be interesting if you also reviewed vegan food in airports! (or have you done that already and haven’t noticed?

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