Beware: Hummus is a Gel

The only way to insure that we all have enough to eat on planes, is to carry it on.  Not starving is a function of how creatively you can run the security gauntlet with your food intact.

We discovered that security (at least the one in Mobile, AL) sees hummus (and baba ganouj) as potentially dangerous gels – even in the sealed 4 ounce size.  On the way to Mobile, Delta served ham and cheese on thickly buttered bread – so we were determined not to starve on the way home.

Spotting a health food store on the way to the airport, we stopped for a late lunch and loaded up for the trip home. It had taken two days to get there (“weather” delays) and we feared the worst on the trip north.  We can fly to Beijing, Cairo or Dubai with no delays but we can’t get to a wedding in Alabama without serious problems on both legs. So it was with more than some dismay that we saw our unopened containers of hummus, baba ganouj and guac perched forlornly on the top of the X-ray machine.  (And we did end up delayed in Atlanta on the way home – with nary a plant-based snack in sight.)

Solution:  Spread the spreads on wraps and roll ’em up – or stuff pita pockets.  Security doesn’t seem to confiscate sandwiches. And tuck some prepared veggies in your carry on – security doesn’t bother with those either.


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